It is with great regret and sadness, that we announce the passing of the CEO of MEVA Benelux

Mr. Mark Willems

He died on Sunday, November 25, as the result of a heart attack.

There are no adequate words to express our sense of loss. Mr. Willems was held in the highest esteem at MEVA, and we are already feeling the immense effects of his absence. We owe him a great deal and wish that he was still with us. Our heartfelt condolences and thoughts go especially to his close family, loved ones, and friends. We mourn with them.

As Managing Director of MEVA Benelux for the last four years, Mr. Willems has been highly successful in guiding the fortunes of MEVA in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. He was known for his professionalism, vast expertise, and personal commitment to our business and customers. He was a supporting pillar of our company.

His dedication and commitment to you - our customers and business partners - has never been just a job or work to him; it was a personal passion and a source of motivation.

Therefore, even during this period of mourning, MEVA is committed to accommodating your ongoing business needs and requirements. We will work with you diligently and do everything possible to meet them.

Mark Willems
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