Switching to New Energy

Project: Block power plant for E.on. Hanse Wärme GmbH, Northern Germany

Contractor: Depenbrock Bau GmbH & Co. KG, Stemwede

MEVA Systems: Wall formwork Mammut, Shoring tower MEP, Slab formwork MevaFlex

Formwork Engineering: MEVA Schalungs-Systeme, Northern branch, Germany



Switching to New Energy: Block power plant for E.on. Hanse Wärme GmbH

A new block power plant is being built near Hamburg by public works. It will be the largest in northern Germany, delivering 9.5 MW. When going into operation at the end of 2014, it will supply 21,500 households with electricity and 80 m kWh heat. The layout covers 36 x 18 m. The 8 m walls were poured using Mammut wall formwork.

The architects demanded a superior concrete finish that was easily achieved with the panels‘ all-plastic facing alkus. Two 2.50 m panels were ganged on a 3 m panel to achieve the pour height. The 30 and 40 cm thick slabs were poured at heights of 5.50 m, 8.00 m and 10.50 m using MevaFlex formwork on MEP shoring towers. MEVA engineers provided a detailed pour and inventory plan to ensure smooth work flow throughout the project.

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