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    MEVA References

    Referencen for Projets in Commercial & Residential Construction, Architectural Construction, High-Rise Construction and Civil Engineering Construction.

  • Company & Service (22866 KB)

    Company & Service

    MEVA Formwork Systems is a full service solution provider offering an appropriate formwork solution for all customers and all projects.

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  • Support Frame STB (15.01 MB)

    Support Frame STB

    Support frame STB is MEVA´s single-sided formwork for walls up to 12 m; measuring only 2.45 m at base. The most compact one in its class.

  • Circular Formwork Radius (23.65 MB)

    Circular Formwork Radius

    Radius is the state-of-the-art circular wall formwork systems for all round walls from a radius of 250 cm upwards. It is compatible with the Mammut 350 wall formwork system.

  • MT 60 Shoring Tower System (15.98 MB)

    MT 60 Shoring Tower System

    The new modular MEVA shoring tower system MT 60 combines built-in all-in safety features with high load capacity for all slab works.

  • Slab Formwork MevaDec (21.45 MB)

    Slab Formwork MevaDec

    The innovative MevaDec forms any slab with one and the same system, crane-independent. 3-day-per-slab cycles.

  • Wall Formwork Mammut 350 (0.68 MB)

    Wall Formwork Mammut 350

    Mammut 350 is the world´s largest and most powerful wall formwork system - comprising heavy duty panels up to a size of 2.50 m by 3.50 m. Load Capacity: 100 kN/m².

  • Mammut XT Wall Formwork (20.92 MB)

    Mammut XT Wall Formwork

    Tie from One Side. Or Both! Three tieing methods in one system

  • Mammut XT Wall Formwork (11.45 MB)

    Mammut XT Wall Formwork

    Tie from One Side. Or Both!

  • MEVA Guided Screens MGS (16.33 MB)

    MEVA Guided Screens MGS

    MGS is MGC's twin system. Highest safety is guaranteed by full side protection, enhanced by several technical adavantages: The MGS is also assembled at ground level: All parts are lifted into the guard rails from below, this maximizes safety and saves time.

  • MEVA Guided Climbing MGC (11.02 MB)

    MEVA Guided Climbing MGC

    Guided climbing with MGC ensures highest safety for high-rise construction projects, with wind velocities up to 70km/h.

  • Column Formwork CaroFalt (7.95 MB)

    Column Formwork CaroFalt

    CaroFalt column formwork is a foldable and movable column formwork with access platform, integrated ladders and safety cages. It complies with all valid safety standards.

  • MEVA Automatic Climbing MAC (18.69 MB)

    MEVA Automatic Climbing MAC

    MAC - short for MEVA Automatic Climbing - is a fully automatic hydraulic formwork system for highrise buildings - fast and precise.

  • Wall and Slab Formwork AluFix (5.66 MB)

    Wall and Slab Formwork AluFix

    The light-weight, aluminium wall formwork system AluFix is the leading equipment for quality-conscious contractors.

  • Formed concrete surfaces (5.52 MB)

    Formed concrete surfaces

    alkus enables you to deliver a first-class concrete finish first time, every time.

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