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All MEVA products and solutions for wall applications, not sorted by system or group, but by specific concrete task. 

What does that mean?

  • You have a wall forming job and want to know, which MEVA system is most suitable? 
  • You want to find out about all the accessories you may need?
  • A crane is available or not?
  • It will be a single or double sided forming job?

Search for the solution that best suits your requirements, filter the MEVA product database and find the most suitable product suggestions.

Safe Forming

Occupational health and safety regulations in most countries require complete worker protection from a working height of 2 m. You are required by law to provide safety access, working platforms and fall protection. 

MEVA safety systems and accessories allow you to equip your construction site and the formwork employed with the required safety features. The modular systems allow you flexible choice of the most suitable compilation. 

Safety systems - at a glance


Single-Sided with Crane

Wand mit Kran einhäuptig
  • Single-sided wall with Mammut 350

    Mammut 350 wall formwork is a heavy-duty panel system for large forming areas. It has a load capacity of 100 kN/m² throughout the system. This allows very large, high structures to be poured at any speed up to a height of 4 m, irrespective of concrete recipe of climatic conditions.

  • Single-sided wall with StarTec / AluStar

    AluStarTec wall formwork is our robust multi-purpose formwork system for large forming areas and heights up to 3.30 m. It is 100 % compatible with the light-weight, hand-set AluStarTec aluminium panels.

Walls with Crane

Wand mit Kran
  • Wall with Mammut 350

    The heavy-duty Mammut 350 system with its forming height of 3.50m and a modular width of 2.50m is designed for large pours. It's load capacity is the industry's highest at 100 kN/m². Moreover, the Mammut 350 is predestined for architectural surfaces

  • Wall with StarTec / AluStar

    AluStarTec wall formwork is a robust multi-purpose system covering large forming areas and heights up to 3.30 m. The system is compatible with the light-weight AluStarTec aluminium panels.

Walls without Crane

Wand ohne Kran
  • Wall with StarTec / AluStar aluminium panels

    The light-weight, hand-set AluStarTec aluminium panels are best in class when it comes to weight-performance ratio.

  • Wall with AluFix

    The hand-set wall system AluFix covers room-high pours in residential construction with a combination of the best available technical features and pric-performance ratio.

  • Wall with EcoAs

    The sturdy, hand-set system EcoAs is your flexible, moudlar choice whenever there is no crane time available - ideal for foundations, shafts, swimming pools and small walls.

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