"I am proud of the quality we achieve in regeneration. The formwork leaves the plant in top condition and the all-plastic facing alkus delivers a top concrete finish. That is a huge benefit for our customers." Sigurd Dingler, Head of International Rental Fleets.


"I am proud of the quality we achieve in regeneration. The formwork leaves the plant in top condition and the all-plastic facing alkus delivers a top concrete finish. That is a huge benefit for our customers." Sigurd Dingler, Head of International Rental Fleets.



Have your formwork equipment and accessories checked regularly for safe functioning. We offer to clean and repair your formwork where necessary to keep you fit for the next concrete job. This will contribute to the quality of concrete work your deliver - and to profitable operations.



It is one thing to deliver a high-quality product. It is quite another to back your investment up with a range of technical services that keeps your formwork fleet function at the best level of quality and safety. Professional formwork maintenance is a major focus of our company philosophy "...more than just formwork". In 1987 MEVA was the first to open a plant dedicated entirely to formwork maintenance, regeneration, cleaning and repair. Plant II was a pioneering step and has set the pace for service quality in the industry. It gives the assurance of the best in support for the entire duration of your formwork operations. To us, it means making the difference. More than just Formwork. 

Formwork Check-Up on Safety and Function, Cleaning and Repairs

  • Check-up and assessment of every part of the formwork equipment
  • Mechanical cleaning of every part
  • Safety check on all small parts. Every clamp is checked individually for complete aligning and joining safety
  • Intensive cleaning of severe residues on the concrete-facing panel with 1000 bar high-pressure washers
  • Standard cleaning of the facing with high pressure and rotation cleaners
  • Industrial cleaning of all formwork panels 
  • Repair of damages to the all-plastic alkus facing (such as scratches, holes, tie-holes)
  • Cleaning of all small parts (clamps, crane hooks, flange nuts)
  • Cleaning of all accessory parts (props, corners, push-pull props)
  • Repair of damaged steel and aluminium frames and parts


The possibilites of formwork maintenance have been revolutionised since the introduction of the 100 % wood-free, all-plastic facing alkus. The facing technology is standard in all MEVA formwork systems all over the world. It withstands tough, industrial cleaning with up to 1000 bar high pressure. Since clean formwork panels are a prerequisite for quality concrete pours, MEVA is able to contribute considerably to the quality you deliver to your clients. Ask us about cleaning options in the plant or on site. And reduce your release agent consumption as a profitable by-product.



The alkus all-plastic facing has re-defined the standards of formwork repairs. It can be repaired using the identical polypropylene material, unique in the industry. This means that no chemical glues or additives are necessary to repair even severe damages. Polypropylene is heated, welded in and evened, creating a stable thermal (as opposed to unstable chemical) bond with the original facing sheet. The repaired facing sheet is structurally and technically as stable as the new panel. Scratches, holes, even severely damaged sections can be repaired without impairing its safe functioning. The alkus repair set enables you to conduct most of these repairs, even on site, with minimum effort. This can make an invaluable contribution to the quality of concrete you deliver. 



Your formwork fleet has done years of service and is in need of rejuvenation? Here, too, you are with the right company. Our unique regeneration facilities offer you a comprehensive range of repair and refurbishing options. High, audited quality standards and state-of-the-art industrial processes guarantee the best technically possible result. We offer this service to you as formwork operator on your inventory. In addition, you have the option of purchasing regenerated used formwork from our fleet. To find out more, go to www.meva-original.com. Regeneration includes:

  • functional and safety check on the entire formwork inventory, including accessories, to strict quality standards
  • steel-ball blasting of the panel frames
  • re-coating the panel frames with annealed plastic powder coating
  • cleaning, repairing and upgrading used all-plastic facing alkus
  • or re-facing the panels with new alkus panels


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MEVA References: Overview

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