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MevaLite: Light-Weight Hand-Set Formwork

Modular, hand-set clamp formwork system, light weight, can be set up with just one worker. Answers to all formwork needs wherever and whenever a crane is not available. Fast, easy assembly, high-quality concrete finish and sturdy design. Matches the heavy-duty wall system Imperial for smaller building layouts. Time and cost-saving on every site.

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Features & Benefits


Panel heights 9’, 6’, 4’ and 3’; five different panel widths 3’, 2’, 1’ 6“, 1’ and 6“; multipurpose panels with a width of 2’-6“

  • Reduction of filler areas
  • Fast adaptation to building layout

90° inside and outside corners and continuously adjustable articulated corners from 80° to 180°

  • All corner configurations formed with standard corner Panels

5.7 lbs per sq. ft., max. 136 lbs panel weight (9x3 ft)

  • Easy assembly by hand

Concrete pressure

High concrete load capacity of 1,350 psf

  • Fast, efficient, high concrete pours

Panel frame

Frames made of closed 2-chamber hollow aluminium profiles

  • Torsion-proof, durable, low weight

High-quality annealed powder coating

  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced concrete adhesion
  • Sturdy

Profiles with grip recess for easy lifting by hand

  • Comfortable handling; safe grip even when formwork is wet 

Multi-function profile

MEVA multi-function profile with welded-in Dywidag nuts

  • Easy and fast attachment of accessories such as alignment rails, braces, walkway brackets etc.

Tie holes, panel connections

Panel connection with compact MEVA clamp: weighs only 3.3 lb

  • Time saving assembly, joins and aligns panels with just a few hammer blows, fits anywhere on the frame 
  • No losable parts
  • No nuts and bolts needed

Huge tie pockets

  • Easy insertion of any tie system, the tie rods are re-usable

Tie holes: three per panel height 9’, two per panel height 6’ and 4’, one per panel height 3’; symmetrical arrangement

  • Less effort on site
  • Symmetrical arrangement

All-plastic facing alkus

All-plastic facing alkus, no swelling or shrinking

  • No change in dimensions due to moisture; no rotting or fungal decay; durable
  • Built in flush with panel frame; improved and consistently even concrete surfaces from the first pour to the last

Easy repair of scratches or drill holes etc. on site with the same polypropylene material

  • No down times for repairs
  • Permanent availability of panels

Screwable and nailable without chipping off of top layer

  • Easy handling

The alkus facing lasts as long as the Frame  

  • No re-facing necessary and thus no disruptions of work flow
MevaLite: Light-Weight Hand-Set Formwork - Features & Benefits


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