Wall Formwork Imperial

Imperial: The 2,025 psf Formwork

Heavy-duty, high-performance clamp formwork system with 2,025 psf load capacity for fast, high-efficient pours. Time and cost-saving assembly on all industrial and engineering jobs. Achieve very large forming areas with just a few panels. Sturdy for maximum stability. Designed for optimum worker safety on industrial and civil engineering construction sites (imperial).

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Features & Benefits


Panel size 12’x 8’ with a surface of 96 sq.ft. for floor heights of 12’ or 8’ with one panel used in vertical or horizontal position

  • Economic advantages, especially for projects with varying floor heights such as residential or commercial buildings with underground car park

Panel heights 12’, 8’, 4’ and 2’, panel widths from 8’ to 1’; for vertical or horizontal application

  • Reduction of filler areas 
  • Fast adaptation to building layouts
  • Easy to stack and connect

Articulated inside and outside corners are steplessly adjustable from 70°-220°. Stop points at 70°, 90° and 135°

  • All corner configurations formed with standard corner panels
  • Fast work flow through fast and easy assembly

Concrete pressure

Highest capacity: system designed for concrete pressure of 2,025 psf

  • Unlimited pour rate up to a height of 12 ft
  • High pour rate even on very high walls

Panel frame

Frames made of closed, high-strength hollow steel profiles

  • Torsion-proof, durable and sturdy

All horizontal cross stiffeners made of closed profiles

  • Easy to clean 
  • More stability

High-quality ACC coating technology

  • State-of-the-art corrosion protection
  • Less cleaning effort due to reduced concrete adhesion

1/2 “ vertical tie-off bar, solidly welded between horizontal profi les on every panel

  • Safe working on the formwork: optimum worker’s safety

Transport holes

  • Easy handling

Large panels with bump notch

  • Easy lifting, adjusting and aligning with prybar

Multi-function profile

Practical MEVA multi-function profile with welded-in Dywidag nuts; additional multi-function profiles at tie hole level

  • Easy and fast attachment of accessories such as diagonal
    braces, steel rails and walkway brackets etc.

Tie holes, panel connections

Tie hole with conical sleeve, welded at both sides

  • Easy application of 1 ¼’’ – 1” steel taper ties, she-bolts and
    7/8” (20mm) thru rods

Tie holes: 3 per panel height 12’, 2 per panel height 8’, 1 per panel height 4’ and 1 per panel height 2’; symmetrical arrangement

  • Symmetric tie hole and joint pattern per panel size for
    architectural standards

Panel connection with just one standard MEVA assembly lock for all panel connections: only 6.6 lb

  • Time saving on assembly: it tightly connects and aligns panels with a few hammer blows; can be placed anywhere on the frame
  • No losable parts

All-plastic facing alkus

All-plastic facing alkus, no swelling or shrinking

  • No change in dimensions due to moisture; no rotting or fungal decay; durable
  • Built in flush with panel frame; improved and consistently even concrete surfaces from the first pour to the last

Easy repair of scratches or drill holes etc. on site with the same polypropylene material

  • No down times for repairs
  • Permanent availability of panels

Screwable and nailable without chipping off of top layer

  • Easy handling

The alkus facing lasts as long as the Frame  

  • No re-facing necessary and thus no disruptions of work flow
Wall Formwork Imperial - Features & Benefits


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