Circular Column Form Circo

Circo: The Strong Circular Column System

Circo is a robust steel system with integrated hinge joints for circular columns. Circo consists of two semi-circular halves with heights 50, 100 and 300 cm for radii from 25 to 80 cm (in increments of 5 cm). The two halves are closed using the standard M-clamp (assembly lock).

Features & Benefits
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Features & Benefits

Design and finish

Robust all-steel construction, primed and cavity-sealed

  • Dimensionally stable; reliable fair-faced concrete results thanks to steel forming face; high corrosion protection, easy to clean

Access platform as system supplement

  • Fast assembly for maximum safety

Integrated formwork-prop connectors

  • Easy attachment of braces


Standard panel sizes available in increments of 5 cm for diameters from 25 to 80 cm; custom sizes available

  • Practical dimensions for different column diameters and heights

Standard heights 300 cm, 100 cm and 50 cm

  • Favourable material logistics, reduced inventory


Special connecting flanges (turned in pairs) with centreing and connecting bolts

  • Precise and perfectly aligned height extensions
  • Time saving assembly

Panel connection with compact MEVA assembly lock: one piece, weighs only 3,0 kg

  • No additional connecting devices required
  • No losable parts

Special design

Forming from a radius of 25 cm

  • Cost-effective solution for polygonal wall sections

Circo semi-circular halves can be connected to Mammut wall formwork panels with MEVA assembly locks

  • Easy forming of circular stop-ends
Circular Column Form Circo Features & Benefits


Complementary systems

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