Achieving the exceptional is not left to chance. Qualified, committed professionals are a backbone for MEVA's international success. The organisational structure reflects the company´s strong commitment to a professional and long-term human resources policy. Find out what opportunities may be yours...

Technical and commercial job training programmes
Follow regional and local requirements and the certification by the respective Chambers of Industry and Commerce. Enquire about openings with your regional MEVA representative.


MEVA Formwork is used to build - around the world.  

First of all: what is formwork?
Formwork is used to pour concrete. It's the form that gives concrete it`s shape. Sounds simple, and in principle, it is. But on a construction site, formwork has to be set up, installed, and fitted with all sorts of accessories before the concrete can be poured inside. And it has to take a lot of pressure from the concrete, which is fluid when it is poured. After the concrete has set, the formwork can be removed - and used for the next wall, slab (ceiling), bridge or tunnel.

Who is MEVA?
MEVA as a company was founded in 1970. We have grown to 500 employees. The Headquarter is in Haiterbach. The nearest bigger town is Nagold, about 40 km south of the state capital Stuttgart. The region is known as the Northern Black Forest which leads down southward to Lake Constance. Heard of the cuckoo clock? It's something like a national symbol. And you'll hear several of them ticking away behind reception at the Headquarter’s main entrance. MEVA manufactures formwork in 4 industrial plants. There are also engineering departments, support units, sales and customer service. We support our clients - concrete contractors - by selling and renting formwork for them to do the job and then return the equipment to us for cleaning and maintenance. We also provide engineering know how for projects to be built successfully.

What do MEVA employees do?

  • The Product management and the development develop new products and applications, and the production builds them. 
  • The Sales is in touch with our customers, sells and rents formwork equipment to the site. 
  • Engineering figures out the best way of setting up the formwork panels on the sites of our clients. 
  • Quality management ensures that products are top quality and safe to use. 
  • Purchasing make sure the right materials are bought, Marketing ensures that MEVA is consulted on interesting projects and the plant for regeneration and repairs takes care of formwork equipment when it is returned from the building site. 

What do MEVA trainees do?
In the apprenticeship where the trainees get to work in all departments and do own projects, there are plenty of different seminars and trips. The IHK honoured the efford of the MEVA with the titel “1A-Ausbildungsbetrieb” (good employer).
Become a MEVA trainee and discover all the advantages:

  • Etiquette guide
  • Rhetoric, socialise and ergonomics seminars 
  • MS Office seminars
  • Education journey
  • Intensive exam preparations
  • Feedback talks
Training Chances, Team Spirit, Future
Training Chances, Team Spirit, Future
Training Chances, Team Spirit, Future
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MEVA Frame Profile
... more than just formwork
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